Jesus points out to the birds in the air which don’t really do much but fly around and He says “Yet God takes care of them”.  How much more does God take care of us?  Look at your life and see it!

We received ABUNDANCE again these past few weeks.  God is in the MUCH MORE! Thank you to KNS Investments for their GENEROUS donation of about 40 HUGE bags of clothing, accessories, and shoes!

There were all sorts of sizes, shapes, and styles to give away.  We had about four rows of chairs overloaded with summer dresses, jeans, winter jackets, sweaters, infant onesies, and you name it.  Fit for all seasons and all ages of life, from the infant to the senior.  Not one generation was missed!

Our team took a few evenings sorting through all the bags and [somewhat] organizing the apparel so it would be easier to give out.  We had fun in the process!
And we are grateful that God is using us to take care of those who need it.  Over the last few days, there were a few families who stopped by and received these blessings.  We also had friends from Philadelphia who arrived from Ukraine stop by and clear out a few rows to ship to Ukraine for those in war! We now have half a row left!! Thank God for His provision, He knew exactly who needed what!
After our first shipment which you can read about here, we received such gratitude from our contact in Ukraine – here is what she said, interpreted from Russian language –

“Hi! We just arrived from Russia from a family trip to our home with your donation boxes.  HUGE thank you to you guys – there are such incredible things!!!!  May God bless you! I know that there will be many more people thanking you.  Today I sorted and separated the kids’, women’s, and men’s clothing that way it will be easier for people to find what they need.. All of this is just a miracle!  Again I am thanking all of you who worked hard to make this happen.. kisses.. to everyone hello!”

We can only imagine the happiness they will have when they receive this next incredible donation made possible by our community! Again, thank you to all who donated and brought joy to those who received your blessing!



Arts Director | 717-480-4880x104 | [email protected]As the Arts Director, Sofiya is involved with the design of advertisements, brochures, the website, and in house posters/boards. She also is involved with worship and social media outreach. Along with helping in other areas of the ministry, Sofiya enjoys the color magenta, drawing, painting, and having parties at her house.