Remember the time when the sky was blue and nothing seemed to hurt you?  The time where you had absolutely no worry or concern about tomorrow and you didn’t have a care in the world?   The time where you felt safe, secure, protected?

Where are you now?  What happened?

We go through life collecting dust and dirt through situations and circumstances, pulling the heavy weight on our shoulders, stumbling through dark territories, and realizing we are in prison.  It seems that there is no way out.

Our vision is to pull you out by bringing you to an environment where there is nothing else but you and God.  A place where you will find that inner peace again, where you will be delivered from the bondage that hold you, whether it be depression, addictions, guilt, adultery, no bondage is too strong for God.  A place where you can be unshackled.

Our vision is to build this environment in a piece land we were given in West Virginia.  We will hold 3-5 days retreats throughout the year surrounded by the mountains.  Our retreats will be based around the mission – opening the eyes of the blind, breaking the chains of darkness, setting the captives free.

We will have variety of teachings on topics such as what is rejection, depression, addiction, adultery, etc. and how to recognize if you are influenced by those oppressions.  And once identified, we will go through deliverance in Jesus’ name!  And it is important to know how to stay free, something will will teach as well.

Along with biblical studies, deliverance services, we will also enjoy our time with bonfires, hiking, games, and more to get to know each other and relax.

Currently, our vision is on the move!  Watch the video belowto see our progress, and stay tuned for more!


We have two donation platforms for this project – the general donate page on our website and our GoFundMe page specifically for Unshackled.  Whether you choose one or the other, your contribution will be noticed and change lives!  We thank you so much for your contribution!


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