We are so THANKFUL for all the donations made to One’s Touch outreach!! Throughout the past year, we have been receiving box after box FULL of clothing ranging for all ages – little infants to the elderly! And not only that, we have also received so much quality and healthy FOOD and have been able to give it out to the community.

We all are so grateful for the generous support of the donors – you all are awesome and are touching so many lives.

This past weekend, we participated in an event close to many of our hearts.  Ukraine has been at war for a long time, and some of our church members have been born and raised in the very areas that have been destroyed.  We hear countless of stories of family members who are struggling to live in the constant noise of shooting and bombing, and are doing all they can to survive and helping each other.  They are in need of clothing, food, shelter, support, and love.

So this weekend, we packed up the abundance we have received into 15 boxes, full of up to 560 pounds of clothing, teas, and snacks!  We were able to connect with a local church who had connections with a mission ministry called Mission Samaritan who will receive these packages and distribute in the Ukraine war zones.

We are so excited to be able to offer help this way.  There was so much variety of clothing – little infant onesies, beautiful dresses, sturdy pants, colorful shirts, warm sweaters – we know someone will appreciate these, especially in desperate times.

One’s Touch exists to reach out to the community and beyond.  Countless of lives have been touched and are being empowered.  Not only do we provide food and clothing, but we also help people find jobs.  From assisting in creating a resume to suggesting interview etiquette, the help we give is full of quality and works effectively!  So far, we have impacted 6 people in their search of employment!  Check out our website at www.onestouchpa.com for more information!  And if you feel the pull to donate, do it! Your touch matters!

Below are pictures of the people who helped out, left to right (top to bottom on phone)
Jason – creatively glueing the address onto the box
Jay – in shock of the little sweater cuteness overload
Pastor Serg & Helen – working together to close a stuffed box
Sofiya & Elina – looking all cute with little baby hats

LD is always on the move, counseling, ministering, helping, preaching, and in this case, packing!  God doesn’t sit till, He always thinks about us, day and night.  Even in if you are in a desperate situation or think you have no way out of where you are, God knows and sees and is always working to get you out.  Whether it is through others, situations, events, He knows how to get to you.  You are not forgotten!

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