This past weekend, we had our monthly special event surrounding the topic from Darkness to Light, and this time, we focused our discussion on Cursed to Blessed.

We began our night with short video clips on the power of our words. There were a few scientific experiences done by Dr. Emoto and his team with water and the effects of the words that were spoken in its direction. It was an incredible project! They filled a few containers with water, spoke different words to each container like “Thank you”, “Hitler”, “Beautiful”, and “You disgust me”, and flash froze each of them. Once frozen, they studied the crystals that formed in the water under a micro-scope and what they found was astonishing!

The water that “heard” kinds words such as “Thank you” and “Beautiful” and even “Mother Teresa” formed gorgeous shapes. And the ones that received negative words formed ugly or no shapes. They even tested it with music – classical vs hard rock – and the difference was amazing! Here are a few pictures that were results from their experiment:

You can watch the video here.

What we wanted to show was that even the scientific, secular world proves that what we speak has power – exactly what the Bible says! “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue” Prov 18:21.

What we say matters! Even if it’s just a joke like “You guys are so silly”.

What is a curse? A curse is a declaration of harm. It could made by a few ways – by God, by Satan, by man.

In Deuteronomy 28, after Moses presented the 613 Laws the Jews were to follow, he expressed the blessings they will receive if they obey. But if they miss even one, the curses that God declared would happen. Things like their children will go astray, they will never have enough, they will be full of sickness, and so on. It is pretty intense!

So those were made by God. There are also those made by Satan. Such as witchcraft through the performance of rituals and dedicating certain objects that tourists buy. Then there are those made by us, which probably gets us most of the time.

Proverbs 26:2 – “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.” There is a “because” for every curse, it doesn’t just “happen”. Whether it be through disobedience, the act of an ancestor, a ritual, or gossip, there is always a reason for a curse to exist.

Very common curses we may have heard was from a figure of authority. For example, growing up, we might have heard our teachers say “You guys will never amount to anything” or “You are such a lazy class” or “You have autism”. Or your father says “You’re stupid” or “You’re such a pig”. We might have also heard cute words like “You’re so silly”, and then we wonder why we are constantly under foolish decisions.

There are also those words that we speak over ourselves. For instance, we made a small mistake, and we laugh it off saying “Ah I’m so dumb haha”. Or we sarcastically post lonely pictures on Instagram and comment “Single for life”. We might be saying “I’m fat” or “I’m ugly” or “I’ll never be married”. Or we even may casually say, “My mom died from cancer, I will to.” We say so many crazy things that have become such a norm in our life. But little do we know, we are harming ourselves.

Because then we begin acting on them. You realize that in life, even if you study EXTRA hard, you still can’t seem to get it. Or you’re constantly going through the pains of divorce or break-ups. Or it seems like things around you always break – car accidents, phone issues, house appliances, etc. Or no matter how much you try, you can’t break that porn or alcohol addiction.

It follows you wherever you go, and it multiplies generation after generation. Your kids do the same, your grand kids even worse. Those curses that were brought over your family through an ancestor that worshiped another god, or through someone’s words affect not only them, but you, and your kids, and your grandchildren’s children also.

We eat what we speak

Death and Life are in the power of our tongue; and they that love it, shall eat the fruit thereof – Prov 18:21

If we have found ourselves living under the law and not under grace (Rom 7), or accepting cursed words from others, or speaking them over ourselves, we have to realize that Jesus became all of it and died. He became the ultimate curse for us (Gal 3:13), and in that, we have become redeemed from the curse of the law! We have been set free from any curse that comes our way.

Remember, God spoke through Isaiah in Isaiah 54:17 – No weapons that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises up against you, you shall condemn..

It doesn’t mean that weapons won’t form – people will ALWAYS talk good AND bad. But you have the God-given power to stop it! Jesus became curse FOR us so we no longer need to live under that controlling power

We have every right to take hold of that freedom and use it. Many people might argue that since Jesus did it for me, I don’t have to do anything because it doesn’t affect me. That is absolutely WRONG. If that were true, the Bible wouldn’t be full of exhortations, explaining that we must grab the full armour of God, walk in love, cast out devils, heal the sick, etc. If we were to apply the “Jesus did it, I don’t have to”, we wouldn’t need to do anything – everyone would be healthy, full of life, free from depressions, and so on.

But ironically, there are Christians EVERYWHERE tormented by thoughts, going through divorces, with children running from God, drunk, addicted. If they are Christians, shouldn’t their lives be perfect? Shouldn’t those who accept Jesus automatically walk strong and bold and be free from all the crap they went through in their old life?

So it really makes one question the philosophy many Christians hold – Jesus did it, so I don’t have to do it. That’s a false doctrine.

Paul admonishes us to be vigilant; if you see something in your life that is a result of a curse, ask the Holy Spirit to show you. He will explain to you where it came from and teach you how to break and resist it.

So let’s say you’ve heard, “You won’t amount to anything” in your life, and you see that no matter how much you work, you can’t seem to get anywhere. Take that curse, break it, and receive abundance.

Or if it’s a generational curse of drunkenness that began with your great-grandfather – break it and receive sobriety.

Let’s begin with this: step one.

Analyze your life and pinpoint any areas that seem like a constant pattern. For example, divorce, cancer or disease, you can’t understand things, miscarriages, children going astray, poverty, you’re always breaking things, you’re always sloppy, etc.

Step two – ask the Holy Spirit to show you the cause. For example – a generational curse, you parents speaking words of harm over you, you said this a long time ago, your friends keep calling you this, etc.

Step three – Prayer. Break those words in Jesus Name, return it back to its source, cancel any demonic operation that was assigned with it, and receive what God said about you regarding that particular situation.

Step four – keep your freedom, resist it!

Step four is probably the hardest of all, to keep your freedom, but you can do it!! God lives in you and nothing is impossible for Him through you! Let’s say for example you had issues with adultery and it ran in your family. You saw porn images everywhere, but after breaking it, they will still be there, even on the double. Resist it. Don’t go to the beach until you know that you know you are free. Declare “I am dead to it” whenever an image pops up in your mind. Burn all your magazines, get rid of your laptop/computer, change your environment. It is a war!

Or you broke the curse of stupidity. Next time you get a thought “I can’t understand it”, respond with “I have the mind of Christ, I am smart, I am wise, I am intelligent” and don’t give up in receiving understanding.

Or the curse of alcoholism. If your buddy says, “hey let’s go out and have a few drinks” be bold and say NO. If the temptation speaks to you, declare “I am dead to it! I live a sober life, I have the mind of Christ”. Stop going to parties, break up with those friends that pull you to drink. Change your environment.

And most importantly – speak LIFE. Bless yourself, bless your hands, bless your mind, bless your spouse, bless your family, bless your future, bless each other. Those blessings will return to you, and you will be blessed everywhere. Enough with the negative talk about your body or about your personality. Speak LIFE to yourself. Grab the words that God spoke over you and declare them every day. Get out of that habit of the mumbles and the grumbles, form the new habit of joy and speaking blessings over yourself and over others.

I hope by now you get the idea. If you at all need any help with prayer, or need help to get out of a situation – CALL US! And remember – never give up seeking God and His righteousness – He is in you!!