Our mission is to “open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.” (Isaiah 42:7).

We focus on delivering, on healing, and on establishing those who are desperate for freedom.  Our passion is for those who are tormented, who are stuck, and who are screaming for help inwardly and outwardly.  We seek to restore lives and establish them in God’s righteousness through various of ways – pastoral counseling, deliverance ministry, Bible classes, and regular mentoring.

God’s Family is HUGE, and we welcome, accept, and love all who come into our Family – always encouraging, exhorting, and caring for each other.  God’s Life is always moving, and we are moving with Him!


Our Story Begins Here..

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May 2010

Three young girls took interest in what their uncle and aunt, Serg and Helen, were explaining about God’s righteousness and who they are in Christ. This started their weekly Tuesday Bible studies where they took classes from School of Biblical Studies by Dr. Gary Whetstone. They listened to and discussed the material of Your Liberty in Christ; Spirit, Soul, and Body; Victory in Spiritual Warfare; and more.

May 2010

As the girls learned more and more about their identity in Christ, they introduced more young adults to this reality and the Bible study continued growing. Throughout the years, the group went on camping retreats to various state parks, enjoying their time away from electronics and receiving deliverance and freedom.

November 2013

Uncle Serg was ordained at Victory Christan Fellowship as a Pastor by Pastor Gary & Faye Whetstone and Pastor Greg. In that meeting, Pastor Serg ended up preaching in Russian and we all understood in spirit! cool

March 26, 2014

God led us to officially open as a church. We became incorportated as a Non-Profit organization and church with the name of Liberation Division Center, Inc.

August 2014

We were led by God to work in Ephrata, PA and eventually found some space to rent and hold services and Bible studies on Pointview Ave. The space was renovated and upgraded by the volunteers of LD. We all worked HARD!

Summer 2015

We visited our land that we lease in WV for the first time, explored, and began renovating it for the retreat where lives will be set free and changed! Ever since our first trip, we have visited the land at least three times a year, making excavation changes and plans.

Memorial Weekend, 2015

We officially had our first Sunday service! Since then we have been holding Sundays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays services!

February 5, 2016

God opened doors for us to settle and rent a space right in the middle of Ephrata, off of State Street where we are still located today.

Summer 2016

Throughout the Summer, we began connecting with the local authorities, county judges, and schools to reach young adults who are wandering within the cities and have nowhere to go.  Since then, God has been ministering to young people through community service.

February 2017

One’s Touch was opened, a DBA and an outreach program where we distribute food and clothing to the community and beyond!


God through LD is continuing to bring light to those who seek it, reconciling marriages, giving counsel, setting captives free from torment, and teaching how to walk righteously and in your identity in Christ!


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