Congratulations to Paul and Brian!

This past Sunday on August 30, 2017, Paul and Brian made the decision to be obedient to the Word of God and receive water baptism.  Afterwards, they all took a nice swim J

What is water baptism? Does it make you go to heaven? NO.

Many religious dominations want you to believe that and only accept members if they get water baptized, if not, they are considered outsiders. In fact, some religious churches prohibit marriages if one party is not water baptized.  Some people think they are now holy if they do it – self-righteousness. Or some people consider the deed done when they have a little sprinkle of water on their baby’s bums by a priest. Unfortunately, people are still being deceived.

God did not intend water baptism to be a religious ritual. His purpose for it is for us to acknowledge our death and resurrection in and through Jesus (Rom 6:3).  Water baptism does not save you, only Jesus does (John 14:6), all it takes is to believe with your whole heart and declare with your mouth (Rom 10:9).

Water baptism symbolizes our baptism in Jesus, which is exactly what happened when we declared Him our Lord (Rom 5:1-18). There are three baptisms – Baptism in Jesus (1 Cor 12:13 – salvation), Baptism in Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4 – evidence of speaking in tongues) and Baptism in water (Mat 28:19 – act of obedience).

As we are dunked into the water, this symbolizes Jesus’ death.  The old man has died with all its diseases and iniquities.  When we are raised out of the water, it symbolized Jesus’ resurrection, now a NEW man. The beauty of it all was that we were there with Him, in Him, through Him.

We are water baptized out of obedience to His Word to fulfill His righteousness in us, not out of pride or self-righteousness or religion.  God sees our hearts, He knows how we think, our motivations, our intentions.  And He loves our simplicity and obedience. If you would like to get water baptized, do not hesitate to contact us TODAY! We will find a river near you! J