As many of us, I grew up in a place where you were only accepted if you had something “to put to the table” (talents, money, outgoing personality). The thing is, I wasn’t from a rich family, couldn’t dress well or buy new-released phones, so I became one of the “outcasts”. While seeing the way I was treated & not being able to raise myself to those limits where I actually would be accepted, I became super quiet. Something kept me from expressing myself.

The enemy was winning, he nearly ruined my life by filling my mind with all his lies that I believed (rejected, unworthy, forgotten, ugly, and many more). But, unlike me, God knew it wasn’t the end. He had different plans. My life was changed tremendously in the past 7 years. God took me out of that prison by using my church pastor and this whole ministry, who were determined to help me get out no matter what. Now, here I am, able to express myself, seeing a BRIGHT future, loving myself for who God made me to be, being able to love others, moving in His purpose rather than self-centered pity.

And I am here for you now, so that God can use me to get YOU out of the prison that you were never meant to be in.

-Sofiya (Sofiyechka :))

Worship Leader/Arts Director
email: [email protected]
direct phone: 717-480-4880 x 104