In Ukraine, when I was a child, I heard a still, gentle voice in me asking me questions. How are there so many leaves and still each one is so different from the others? And every sunset not the same? It was the most comforting voice that I now know was God’s voice.

But as I grew, I got rebellious. I started smoking at the age of 6 and grew up like many other young teenagers do – drinking, getting into drugs, money, etc. I thought I was satisfied. Then, in my early 20’s, I encountered a book at the Library called the New Testament, and it caught my attention. It was in Old Russian but I still really wanted to read it. A week later, my life changed dramatically. Sitting on the back of a motorcycle with my drunk buddy driving it a 110 mph, we crashed into a city bus and basically sliced it in half. My friend after six days in coma died. I remained alive and I began questioning why?

The doctors at the hospital thought I would not survived, but I did. My face was crushed and they had to basically remake my head. I looked differently than I do now, but I am alive and healthy. That event made me wonder why in the world did I survive the accident? The bus was totaled, my friend died, but I am alive? Then I remembered the New Testament book.

I began questioning my life, all my friends left me, I got depressed and back into my old habits if not worse. I drank heavily to fulfill that emptiness. But one day, I ran into a young lady on the bus wearing a head covering, and she invited me to a prayer night with her church group. I didn’t know at that time they were Christians, so I agreed to go. Little did I know that this was God’s appointment because after that point, I had random old friends suddenly inviting me to go party and drink. But I persisted and when to this prayer night.

This got me curious in God, so I decided that my then girlfriend needed deliverance from the demon of shopping to much. And I took her to church for her, but in reality, it was for me. I remember the pastor was preaching salvation and invited those who needed saved to the alter. Next thing I know, I was up there in the front, crying my eyes out, receiving Jesus, and being delivered from all the pain, depression, loneliness, addictions, and so on. I was finally saved and free from darkness! I again heard the same still, gentle voice as I did when I was a child.

After my salvation, I met a few people who were able to help me establish in God’s Word, and I began to grow. I literally came out of hell and became confident in who God was in me. Among those few people was my future wife, and God showed me who she was. We got married and eventually came to America.

At the moment of salvation, I knew God called me as a pastor, and in 2014, that calling began to come to pass. Now I am pastoring a church in Ephrata, and helping those who are needing deliverance, counsel, and guidance. God delivered me out of darkness so He can use me to get others out of there, too.

Nothing is too difficult for God – no addiction, no drug, no mental instability, nothing. He knows the real you and gave you the provision to be set free from prison! If you experiencing any kind of depression, pain, torment, addictions, anything, do not hesitate to reach out to us, help is available!

– Pastor Serg Pryhodko

email: [email protected]
direct phone: 717-480-4880 x 101


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