After all I went through, I can definitely say that God is powerful, loving Father, Healer, Deliverer and much more!!!
I was born in christian family and grew up in church, but I did not know God close. When I was 19, I was diagnosed with progressive and worst kind of rheumatoid arthritis. During 6 long years I became disabled and completely depended on my family. Nothing or no one could help me…all we could do was cry out to God for help! And one day I got an answer! He put His faith into my heart for healing and nobody could take it from me! He healed me, delivered from depression, restored me and I’m here to share my experience with God, to help others to see that God is able to save, deliver and restore and make us able as His body to do His will!

If you need healing or any kind of deliverances, please do not be afraid to reach out for help! We are always available!

-Helen (Teta Lena)

Vice President/Treasurer
email: [email protected]
direct phone: 717-480-4880 x 103


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