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Tonight, we had real bible studies and dissected Colossians.  Here is a quick short, summary for those who weren’t able to join! Feel free to comment your thoughts on these deep verses!  As you read these three points, look up the Bible verses to follow along.


Many times we are looking for something that feels like it can be found nowhere.  It could be knowledge about a particular thing, a wisdom in a specific area of life, or even some kind of resource.   We go on Craigslist, Facebook, the News, different religions, anything to find what we are looking for and end up in frustration and struggle.

We forget that our inheritance is in God’s Family! How long should we search all over the world only realize that the answer is right in front us the WHOLE time?? All those people you sit with at church or share fellowship with have your inheritance!  In the Body of Christ lies all the answers, the resources, the help.

It could be from smallest thing like a tool for a car job to advice on a family matter.  God provided SO MUCH for us in His Family!  Jesus fills ALL in ALL – you will find help in every area of life in the Body of Christ.

Remember He said “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find..” (Mat 7:7).  That doesn’t only mean to ask God – don’t forget Jesus fills ALL in ALL – we can and should apply that with each other.  Be straight forward, let go of your pride, and ask one of your Fam members for help – Jesus is in ALL of us and your inheritance lies in the Saints!  Be bold!  And if you see that you can offer something for others – REACH OUT and freely give!


Ever do something in life and realize it turned into nothing?  It broke, suddenly vanished, or fell apart and you’re questioning why in the world did you spend all that time on it? It could be a relationship, a career path, or even a project.

Remember that in Him ALL things consist.  Even that decision to buy a particular car.   There is no fruit or life outside of Jesus – whatever you will try to do, it will perish sooner or later, and all that time and resources you used have wasted.

Let’s stop attempting to go outside of Christ. The more we do that, the more we struggle.  But acknowledge Him in every area of your life – from the smallest the largest – and you will see your life F L O U R I S H.

There is no life outside of Jesus.  Which brings us to the next point..


I’m sure we’ve all tried walking up an escalator that is going down.  We feel the rush to get to the top before we hit the bottom, and our adrenaline is rushing as if we are in a race.  But we know we are breaking the rules by going the wrong way.  And there are dangers with it – you may trip and fall, you might get caught, and get in trouble.

It’s the same way with following God’s way.  To follow the escalator as it goes, we must submit to its direction.  Otherwise we struggle – our conscience is screaming, our life seems like it is falling apart, constant family arguments, no satisfaction, on and on.  Yet we hear inside of us “You’re going the wrong direction”.. why do we keep going there?

Allow God to work in you MIGHTILY.  Strive to what He is doing in and through you.  Just like we read earlier – acknowledge Him in every area of your life, submit to His direction, and take the escalator the right way.


There is SO much Colossians has to say – read through it thoroughly and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what He is speaking through the Word!

Next Saturday, we are focusing on Ephesians.  Read through it throughout the week and come with questions!!!  See you next time!