Pastor-President | 717-480-4880x101 | [email protected]As the Pastor-President of the team, Pastor Serg teaches, preaches, and counsels, and he and his wife have been actively participating in the lives of many people since the 1990's. Along with spiritual duties, pastor Serg is involved in many different areas of ministry such as sound, website development, DJ’ing, and building repair and maintenance. Not only does he enjoy helping wherever he can, he also likes biking, the color purple, sunflower seeds, and going camping.


VP/Treasurer | 717-480-4880×103 | [email protected]Being the Treasurer and Vice President, Helen oversees the financial area of the ministry, and along with her husband, Pastor Serg, she teaches, preaches, counsels, and offers a mother’s love to all she meets. We like to call her our mama. She enjoys ministering through cooking and providing food for those in need, and she also manages the café, keeping it neat and in stock. Helen also likes the color yellow, going camping, the beach, taking walks, and cooking.




Board Secretary/Worship Team | 717-480-4880×102 | [email protected]As the Secretary, Elina is responsible for keeping record of legal matters, meeting minutes, bookkeeping, organizing documents. She is also involved in the area of music of the ministry. Elina enjoys hiking, being outside, the color pink, and making DIY projects.


Worship Leader/Arts Director | 717-480-4880×104 | [email protected] Sofiya leads  Praise and Worship ministry. As the Arts Director, Sofiya is involved with the design of advertisements, brochures, the website, and in house posters/boards. Along with helping in other areas of the ministry, Sofiya enjoys the color red, drawing, painting, and planting.




Worship TeamJay is helping with Praise and Worship by playing guitar. He also enjoys helping in other areas of the ministry such as repairs and maintenance. Jay’s full name has 7 words in it!! He likes to hike, go camping, the color green, karzinochki, and working on cars.

Our Story

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