SUNDAY l 10 AM – 12 PM

Have you ever thought you were born in the wrong time or the wrong place? The questions is, where do you fit? WHERE is that place where everyone smiles when they see you and warmly accept you as you are without hesitation? WHERE are those people that enjoy being around you and are absolutely real with you?

We are a Family that accept and love with not limits and no standards. In God’s Family, there is real encouragement and the people you find in it will stand with you no matter what.

Join us every Sunday morning at 10am for growth, edification, and fellowship in God’s Family.


Spiritual Warfare time.

At Prayer nights, we get together to bless our leaders and country. We pray for breakthroughs in lives of people on our Prayer Board and break strongholds the enemy had on people in Ephrata and USA, in the Name of Jesus. We also know that Worship is a great weapon in a battle, so at times we Worship our God as well.

Come join us every Wednesday at 7pm and let’s have a prayer together. Your life will be changed when you see how prayer effects everyday life.

SATURDAY l 7 – 9:30 PM

Praise, Worship, and Fellowship together! No matter what church you go to, if you go at all. Absolutely everyone is welcome! Soooo many good things happen when we Praise and Worship our God. Chains break, joy and peace comes, worry and fear have no way of standing in His Power! You don’t want to miss this!